cack (ozzyisgod3) wrote in shot_aim,

giggle with a quick little jiggle

v 1ocod1 n (4:43:47 AM): are u retarted
mattr1d (4:44:15 AM): i dont think so, since that isnt even a word
mattr1d (4:47:17 AM): you're a stupid retarD
v 1ocod1 n (4:47:21 AM): dude
v 1ocod1 n (4:47:27 AM): ur shot
mattr1d (4:47:30 AM): you're a pop tart
mattr1d (4:47:34 AM): and a retard
v 1ocod1 n (4:47:58 AM): i ask u a question and u are confused as fuck and call me a retard
v 1ocod1 n (4:48:04 AM): ook
mattr1d (4:48:20 AM): i always find it funny when simpletons, much like yourself, try to make fun of someone, but then mispell the insult word
mattr1d (4:48:27 AM): much as you did a few minutes ago
1ocod1 n (4:48:45 AM): yea grammar is important
v 1ocod1 n (4:48:49 AM): spelling too
mattr1d (4:49:05 AM): rofl you are trying to call me a retarDDDD
mattr1d (4:49:09 AM): but you can't even spell it
v 1ocod1 n (4:49:15 AM): i always find it funny when idiots, much like yourself, make a big deal about grammar and spelling
mattr1d (4:49:18 AM): so obviously you are the retard
mattr1d (4:49:34 AM): bro it's not a big deal really, but don't insult someone with a word you can't spell
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